Pine Straw Installation

Beautify your landscape beds with golden leaf pine straw and let your yard’s brilliance shine through! All primary pine straw service packages include materials, labor, and delivery all-in-one. In other words, you don’t have to lift a finger in the process!

**Only includes cleaning up an initial layer (approx. 1 inch). Thick and deeper layers that have been built-up over the years will require an extra fee.

Each bale of pine straw we use covers between 75 – 100 square feet, which is at 2″-3″depth.

Beyond just looking pretty, pine straw has many benefits:

  • Insulates plant roots from extreme temperatures
  • Reduces evaporation, conserving your soil’s moisture 
  • Helps to control weeds and discourage growth
  • Provides nutrients to surrounding plants and vegetation (although not a lot of nutrients, any amount helps)

Pine straw is good at holding its ground; however, it can surely be overwhelmed with enough force. One simple way to help keep it stabilized is to tuck the borders, which is something we do for all Pine Straw Installation jobs. But sometimes even that’s not enough, here are some other defensive measures:

  • Installing material landscape borders (stone, brick, metal, etc.)
  • Spreading pine straw around flat landscape beds, rather than ones on a hill
  • Providing a deeply edged/trenched border (we provide this service in our Pro plan)

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