Leaf Clean-Up

Tired of your back hurting all of the time? Look no further! Cut your spine and shoulders some slack and look into our Leaf Clean-Up service to handle all of this for you. Our team is determined to ensure your lawn and yard are always looking clean and fresh.

**A portion only includes a limited number of the larger limbs. This also includes pine cones, smaller sticks, etc. It does NOT include leaves.

NOTE: This does not include hauling the bags away, only collecting leaves within. We, however, will happily put them where you would like us to or by the street side.

As far as frequency is concerned, Leaf Clean-Up must be performed either weekly or bi-weekly. Due to how quickly leaves build-up, bi-weekly can potentially be more expensive depending on the property.

I’m afraid due to the volatility of the season, we cannot provide one-time services for Leaf Clean-Up.

You definitely may; however, please know that if you switch from Standard to Pro, there may be an initial fee in order to clean out the beds and get everything back to a balanced state.

Primary areas are areas throughout your yard which you essentially “care about”. Meaning, the main areas you definitely wouldn’t want the leaves to be. These include your driveway, walkways, patio, lawn, etc.

Our Standard plan will clean-up the leaves into the closest areas available, while our Pro plan will collect all of them into one or two areas in your yard planned ahead of time (most of the time, this could be to the very back of the woods, or by the street side). The Standard plan is great if you just need the job done, and is quick and effective. But the Pro plan is a better long-term clean-up due to not allowing areas to build-up in the first place. There’s nothing wrong with the Standard plan; however, if you’ve been letting your landscape beds and areas build-up through the years, we recommend going with either the Pro plan, getting the Bag Leaves add-on, or both.

While we plan to in the future, as of right now, we unfortunately do not currently offer this service. The only debris we will haul away are a portion of the larger limbs in the Pro plan on each visit.

No, it does not. Mowing the lawn is an additional service and will require an additional charge.