Lawn Mowing

Ready to free your weekends? Our Lawn Mowing service can provide just that. From cutting your grass, to cleaning debris off your premises, ensure your property is always fresh and well-maintained on a regular basis.

**Only includes a limited amount of fallen debris, and does not involve a full clean-up. 

Yes! We provide Lawn Mowing at a bi-weekly rate (14 days) if that’s what you would like. However, we do not recommend it for the entirety of spring, parts of summer, and parts of fall.

I’m afraid we do not, primarily because it’s not good for the grass to cut it infrequently during the growing seasons.

Yes! You most definitely can. However, if you wish to go from Standard to Pro, there will be an extra fee for edging borders, picking and hauling away larger debris, and spraying/pulling weeds on the next service. This is due to requiring more time to get your yard back into a desirable state. The fee depends on how much work and time is required.

While we can do this on paper, I’m afraid we cannot adjust the rate to reflect not having the lawn mowing included. This is due to our company’s costs, where we need to charge a minimum in order to be able to visit a client’s property.

We would love to use a push mower on your lawn; however, due to time restraints and costs, we can only allow this for properties with up to 5,000 square feet of turf. In addition, if you meet the requirements, please understand there may still be an extra fee due to the push mower’s slower nature.