Bush Trimming

Do your bushes and shrubs need a haircut? Well, our lawn care company has the only barbers you’ll ever need!

Our bush trimming experts not only will cut your plants back to look aesthetically-pleasing, they also will cut them back based on its type and the appropriate method for doing so. 

**Only includes trees up to 10 feet in height.

Our suggestion is a minimum of twice a year. Letting your shrubs get too overgrown can be harmful for their health. When you cut back too much at once, you run higher risk of the plant contracting illness and disease. Additionally, bush trimming jobs for plants that have not been cut back for years can potentially be much more expensive.

Ten feet in height can take care of a majority of the average person’s plants on their property – but this is ultimately a bush trimming job. Trees which need to be cut back beyond 10 feet in height is meant more for arborist or tree companies.

Before we perform the bush trimming job, we will discuss a pre-designated area ahead of time in order to collect everything (ex. back of the woods)

Bush trimming is an interesting service in the fact that the cost varies greatly for each and every property. Once you choose the Standard or Pro plan, here are the factors which have the highest influence on the job’s rate:

  • How many shrubs/trees you have and need to be cut back
  • The type of plants you need to be cut back
  • How easily the trimming/clean-up can be performed (ex. shrubs located in corners or condensed areas take longer to service)

Priority support means you will have more flexibility for how early you want the job performed, as well as a faster estimate.