Aeration and Seeding

Arguably the biggest service of the year for most people’s lawns! Aeration and seeding involves the process of plugging holes, following up with broadcasting grass seed in a uniform manner. Whether it’s fescue or zoysia – we’ve got you covered!

Aeration and Seeding

Starting at
$ 295
Per Service
  • Aerate lawn and desired areas for seeding
  • Broadcast grass seed in a uniform manner
  • Clean-up dirt and debris left behind from the job
  • Check back after 3 weeks, re-applying grass seed to thinner areas

**We only recommend the Starter Fertilizer add-on service for cool-season grasses (ex. fescue) being seeded in the spring. Most of the time, warm-season grasses (ex. zoysia) will not need this type of fertilizer in preparation for aeration/seeding

The best time to aerate and seed your lawn depends on the type of grass you’re trying to establish. For cool-season grasses (ex. fescue), the best time will be in the fall season. For warm-season grasses (ex. centipede), the best time would be in the late spring, right before we start getting into summer.

Here is what we recommend:

  • Make sure your lawn is cut at a maximum 2-inch height
  • If you plan on fertilizing beforehand, make sure you don’t apply lime in conjunction with it
  • Have a watering schedule and plan ready to go beforehand. We provide this for you as part of our service
  • If you have irrigation, exposed underground piping, an invisible dog fence, etc. Make sure all of those are flagged

It ultimately depends and varies depending on the type of grass you’re seeding, as well as how healthy your lawn was before the work was performed. Fescue, for example, grows quickly and only takes 3 weeks to start sprouting. Zoysia, on the other hand, can potentially take up to a year for the plugs/seeds to grow and cover the whole lawn.

No problem! Please fill out this form and pick “not sure” when asked about your grass-type. You then proceed by attaching a photo of your grass and we will help you with its identification.