Summer Lawn Care: How Do You Keep it Green?

It's perfectly natural for grass to gradually turn from green to brown during the summer months. If you want a completely green lawn all year, then you have to intervene.

Whenever the summer heat comes rolling around, homeowners everywhere are running for shade and worrying about the fate of their lawns. It’s completely understandable, because the rays of the sun take no prisoners! It’s absolutely normal to see your lawn go from shades of green to shades of brown throughout the summer. The combination of intense heat and long periods of time between rainy days often leaves your lawn dried up to the point where the grasses must do whatever it takes to survive. When grasses turn brown, they are “hibernating” to conserve what little energy they have left at their disposal. If you want them to stay green as often as possible, then you need to come to their aid with a series of smart preparations frequently used by lawn service professionals.

Don’t Mow Too Low

Mowing your lawn higher may not sound intuitive, but it’s actually one of the best favors you can do for it, whether it’s summer or winter. Longer grasses allow for the growth of longer and stronger roots, which can reach down for precious moisture! On the hottest, driest days of the year, any moisture your lawn can scrounge up will be extremely helpful. Another benefit that you’ll appreciate is the fact that the blades provide shade for the root systems. The ideal height you’ll want to leave your grass at is around 3 inches, which usually means that you’ll be taking one-third off the top. You don’t want to run the risk of scalping the ground and damaging the root systems. Refining your lawn mowing practices like this will keep your lawn safer during any time of the year.

Be Smarter With Water

Consistent watering is a practice that both homeowners and lawn care experts easily understand the importance of. You don’t need much experience or education to know that water is essential for plant life, but the methods and timing are a different story. A shallow watering every day actually isn’t the best way to go. Instead, you’ll want to deeply water your lawn once or twice a week. Home irrigation systems can conveniently automate the process, and your local lawn company can quickly help get you started. The optimal time of day to perform these deep watering jobs is either early in the morning or early in the evening, whenever temperatures are at their lowest in your area. If the temperature is too high, then the water won’t be properly absorbed by the soil. When you’re smart about water management, you’re smart about your lawn’s life management.

Always Feed The Need

Grass has an appetite of its own, and satisfying its nutritional needs is yet another piece of the puzzle of keeping it green. Applying fertilizer is a common way to accomplish this, but you need to be careful that you don’t overdo it. Excess amounts of fertilizer will only make your lawn browner than a tray of fudge brownies! The typical feeding schedule that landscaping professionals recommend is once every six weeks, but your lawn’s specific needs might be different. Once you’ve settled that, you should choose a fertilizer with a nitrogen content between 10 and 14. A healthy dose of nitrogen is a major contributor in giving grass the lush green color that we all know and love. One more thing you should know about fertilizing is that waste from your pets can actually be harmful to your lawn! The waste contains nutrients of its own, and more often than not it over-fertilizes the part of your lawn it lands in. Always be careful with your pet’s waste habits, and re-calibrate your strategy for areas specifically affected by the waste. Some lawn service providers actually sell repair kits for handling such situations.


Homeowners, these scorching summer months may be trying times for our lawns, but you should never believe that a green lawn is impossible for all 12 months of the year. By its lonesome, grass can usually hang on and survive by temporarily sacrificing its color, but if you intervene, then it can thrive. Implement all of these bits of advice into your lawn care game plan so that you can show the neighborhood (and Kermit The Frog) that it’s actually easy being green! If you ever need help putting this plan into action, then feel free to call up the experts at Lawn Appreciation.

You can fill out a simple contact form for a free quote and estimate to aid you in the summer wars ahead. We provide services for mowing, bed maintenance, and much more.

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