Electric vs. Gas Mowers: Which Type Is Best For Your Lawn?

The easily recognizable push mower has a constant shape and design, whether it's powered by gas or electricity.

The humming motor spurs the miniature tank to life, the spinning wheels propel it towards the unruly green battlefield, and the revolving blades bring aesthetic harmony to the land. All of this is the result of the trusty lawn mower, aka one of the absolute greatest time savers ever created! Lawn mowers have evolved many times since their creation in 1830, and the modern mower market presents a compelling variety of choices to the consumer. There are features upon features to look out for, but the first choice that you need to make involves the power source of your mower. Will you opt for the new wave of electric battery-powered mowers, or will you favor the classical gas-powered mowers? Make it your mission to choose the mower that’s right for you before you focus on building up your mowing game. Now, let’s get started with this clash of the powers!

The Highs & Lows of Voltage

So, you want a shock to your system? Electric mowers are prime examples of how advances in technology are shaking up the lawn service industry. These mowers simply start up with a flick of a switch, so you don’t have to worry about pulling cords. They also don’t create greenhouse gas emissions, and that’s a tremendous boon to the environment, as well as your nose! Who on Earth likes the smell of gasoline? In addition to those commendable benefits, you’ll often end up saving more money in the big picture than owners of gas guzzlers. It may not seem apparent at first, but you’re going to save several bucks from not needing to buy gasoline, oil, fuel filters, and all sorts of other gas-related goodies. That’s why many lawn companies don’t consider the higher initial price points of electric mowers to be much of a problem. You have to see them as savvy investments for the long term. 

Now, if you want to know the downsides of going electric, then you should first think about the traditional weakness of the battery. I’m sure that all of us can remember many moments when a battery-powered device died on us sooner than we’d hoped. A battery may not need constant purchases of gas, but it does require constant recharges, which can result in constant headaches! Because of this limitation, an electric mower is not a good idea for larger lawn mowing jobs. You could try the alternative of an old corded model, but that brings about the weakness of diminished mobility, which is also bad for bigger jobs. Another weakness of the electric side is a general lack of cutting power compared to the output of a gas mower’s internal combustion engine. For that reason, you’ll want to avoid using electric mowers on tougher grasses.

Is The Gas Tank Half-Full Or Half-Empty?

If you think electricity isn’t your cup of tea, then you’re not alone! Gas mowers are the reliable tools of yore that still see constant use by the average consumer, as well as lawn service professionals everywhere. When you go with gas, you have the significant advantage of familiarity. High-quality parts and maintenance experts are plentiful, so you’ll never feel stuck in a corner for too long. Never underestimate the power of having peace of mind. A second advantage of picking gas is the cutting power advantage that was mentioned above. It can’t be stressed enough that some tall grasses just don’t go down without a fight! Sometimes, the blades need a little extra oomph behind their revolutions. You could technically cut said grasses with an electric mower, but you’d rapidly drain and possibly damage the battery.

As for the disadvantages, we’ve already touched upon the fact that gas mowers have the ever-present problem of greenhouse gas emissions. All of that power comes at a price, and that price also happens to smell like rotten eggs! It can be inconvenient to deal with the costs of gas and new parts, as well. You certainly have to be okay with handling occasional oil and gasoline messes. To make matters worse, these elder machines require multiple pulls of a cord to start the engine. I’m confident that the majority of us have experienced plenty of raging moments and colorful displays of language stemming from these accursed pulls. It’s even more horrible when your mower dies down in the middle of mowing, requiring you to go through the cord pulling process again!


Without a doubt, both electric and gas mowers have potent reasons for their inclusion or exclusion in your lawn care budget. You should make your choice based on your lawn’s parameters, as well as your own preferences. Lawns of greater size with taller grasses would likely fit best with gas mowers, while lawns on the small-to-moderate side would probably be better off with electric mowers. Don’t forget that you also have the option of delegating ​all of the mowing matters​ to a trusted local lawn company, if you desire.

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