Lawn Mowing Correctly: 6 Tips For Cutting With Grace

Tall grass prepared to be cut by a lawn mower

Take It From The Top

The first thing you should commit to memory while lawn mowing is setting your mower high to cut off only the top third of your grass blades. This may sound counter-intuitive, but leaving your blades some length allows the grass to support more roots and find soil nutrients better, along with water. When you scalp the lawn (aka cut it too short), the grass focuses too much on growing back, instead of developing roots. Your lawn also becomes far more vulnerable to weed growth when you scalp it! A professional lawn company uses this knowledge all the time to maximize your greenery. It’s certainly not the easiest thing in the world to only trim your grass, but it’s worth it!

Mix Up That Mowing Pattern

This tip might not seem important at first, but it’s highly recommended that you mow your lawn in different directions each week. Your grass will lean in a certain direction if you mow in the same pattern every single time! That’s not what you want to see as a home owner or a guest, so mix it up a little. It might seem like a chore to remember to mow in different directions, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can just pick a few simple mowing patterns and alternate between them.

Keep Those Clippings On The Lawn

We all notice those grass clippings flying everywhere whenever we mow our lawns, and they’re actually important to your lawn’s health! When they’re allowed to break down on your lawn, they return rejuvenating nutrients to the soil. All of those seemingly useless clippings can seriously improve the longevity of your soil, so let them work for you. Make sure that you avoid the scalping example from above, though! If you scalp your lawn and leave too many clippings on there, then you’ll suffocate your growing grass. Feed your lawn clippings in moderation, and your soil will thank you.

Choose A Dry & Lovely Evening

The prime time to mow your lawn is definitely in the evening, and preferably when it’s dry outside! If you mow too early during the afternoon, then the heat of the sun will hamper you and your lawn mower quite harshly. If you mow when it’s too wet outside, then you’ll get a cut that looks crooked and uneven. There’s also the risk of wet grass clippings suffocating your lawn and maybe even getting stuck in your lawn mower. On a dry evening, your grass will be cut smoothly, you’ll be in working condition, and your lawn will have plenty of time to recuperate before the heat of the next afternoon arrives.

Sharpen Your Weapons

A lawn mower’s blades are like a knight’s sword in that they both need to be maintained well for a proper cut. You want clean trims, no blockages, and clippings instead of clumps. A lawn service professional can certainly give you guidance on how to sharpen your blades, and you’ll be thankful for it! Cutting with dull blades makes your grass weaker over time, leaving it more vulnerable to insects, disease, and droughts. Most professionals advise that you should tune up your mower and sharpen your blades at least once a year for maximum efficiency.

Don Your Armor

Naturally, we can’t talk about the weapons of lawn mowing without also mentioning the armor, aka the safety gear. First off, you should always protect your feet by wearing closed-toe shoes, rather than flip-flops or sandals. These shoes shouldn’t be fancy, because they’re going to be covered in grassy green stains by the end of your lawn mowing! Secondly, you should also consider protection for your eyes, because clippings and other debris could potentially fly into your face. Goggles or sunglasses both work in this regard. Finally, it never hurts to be wearing gloves, because getting your hands dirty or injured is always a possibility.

Without a doubt, the need to mow your lawn is almost as eternal as death and taxes. It’s a never-ending cycle of growth and mowing, so you want to be well-equipped with the knowledge to navigate the cycle gracefully. These 6 tips will put you on the right path to consistently achieving aesthetic glory for your lawn. 

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