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Lawn Appreciation Owner
Michael Abbaspour - Owner and Founder

Welcome! My name is Michael Abbaspour, I am the owner and founder of Lawn Appreciation. I started this business in November of 2018 as a full-service lawn care company in pursuit of monetizing my talents to aid everyday consumers on creating and maintaining the yard of their dreams. 

That’s the vision and end goal; however, my true purpose is to save you time and stress, all the while achieving the vision you desire. 

Let’s be honest – you can teach yourself every single service a lawn care company provides. In fact, we even GIVE AWAY tips and “secrets” to consumers on our blog on how they can do it themselves if they choose to.

Why would we do that? Well, because it still fulfills our vision. Whether you do it or we do it, you’ll eventually reach the yard you desire and have it consistently maintained to the level of your liking. Kudos and more power to you if you do it yourself!

But understand doing it yourself is a big investment.


So you can spend it with family and loved ones


So you can rest easy and recover from the work week 


So you don't have to buy a bunch of lawn equipment or materials


So you can take care of your lawn right the first time

So, how about it? Ready to start saving your weekends?

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